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Aerogility version 6 announced

13 Oct 2013

Aerogility is pleased to announce version 6 is available to customers. In version 6, we have implemented automated service forecasts and made it easier for customers to integrate their operational data and proprietary functions and algorithms.

The overall benefit is to reduce the effort and costs to update forecasts and create new service outlook reports. Customers can select the option to run a standard set of pre-configured what-if? scenarios whenever new operational data is uploaded from their transactional systems, or increasingly, new analytics data originating from IVHM (integrated vehicle health monitoring) and PHM (prognostic health monitoring).

We have extended our optimization capability with a technique called Hill Climbing. This technique is effective at optimizing what-if? scenario parameters, where the search space is relatively large. For example, optimizing a key performance indicator where there are several variables to flex, and a wide range of potential values to consider.

We have made extensions to agents in the Aerogility Aerospace & Defence Agent Library. A customer can plug-in their proprietary predictive algorithms and reliability distributions, giving them greater control over the behaviour of their agents in a simulation. This is the start of a process to make the architecture of the agents more open and easier for our customers to leverage their investment in advanced analytics, driven by ‘big data’ and prognostic health technologies.

Gary Vickers, Aerogility CEO, said, “We are excited about the big changes taking place with the industrial internet, and our customers are now increasingly utilizing the IVHM data available from their assets. Our role is to help our customers take advantage of this data and help to determine the correct policies and decisions to optimize the response from their sustainment organization. In version 6, we have started the journey and we are working on new types of IVHM and PHM agents that will be available in version 7.”