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Major new release: Aerogility version 4 Analytics

30 Oct 2009

We are pleased to announce a major new release of Aerogility – Version 4 Analytics is now available for customers.

Version 4 further extends a range of usability improvements that were delivered in Version 3 earlier this year. In this new version we have completely re-implemented the analytics module in Aerogility, making significant improvements by giving the business user direct control over how they handle the output from their simulations.

A business user can now fully configure their preferred ‘look and feel’ in the analytics desktop. Additionally, they can manage simulation outputs without requiring technical support, including:

  • User configuration of key performance indicators and metrics
  • User configuration of charts, graphs and reports
  • A key feature of Version 4 is the ability to display the outputs from two simulations side-by-side on the analytics desktop. This provides a powerful business analysis feature for investigating what-if scenarios and working through comparative aftermarket simulations.

Aerogility is the best-in-class decision-support system for aviation professionals managing a service-based aftermarket, including performance-based contracts in the defence sector and total care in civil aviation.

Malcolm Bridgeford, Aerogility Customer Solutions Director, said, “The new version will help to reduce implementation timescales and give our customers autonomy in configuring the outputs they want from a simulation. The new functionality is based on customer feedback from operational users and I’m very pleased that we have responded quickly to their requests.”