The enterprise digital twin from Aerogility


Create a virtual representation of your complex business operations with ease, from a single function to an entire enterprise, using the Aerogility aerospace & defense library enhanced with your corporate knowledge.


Collaborate with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers in the virtual world to rapidly explore your options for performance improvement and risk mitigation.


Automatically generate plans based on the optimum solution to realise your chosen option — at speeds you never thought possible.


Integrate Aerogility with, and enhance, your existing IT portfolio.


Take confidence in your Aerogility output thanks to the inherently safe and trusted nature of model-based AI.

Lockheed Martin has implemented the Aerogility capability to both the F-22 and F-35 fighter programs. They utilise a multi-agent software model that allows the user to rapidly develop comprehensive MRO schedules that maximize planning yield and minimize time-on-ground.

“Aerogility helps our team to optimize schedules to meet our goals and priorities by resolving complex planning trade-offs — a process that is very time consuming and difficult using conventional planning tools. This flexibility means we can respond to our customers and senior management quickly, presenting alternative strategies and potential solutions.”

Together, Rolls-Royce Defence and Aerogility implemented a digital-twin of the service support enterprise, enabling mission success for their customer. The ability to simulate how a complex product will operate and be maintained in a complex environment allows Rolls-Royce to recommend and implement policies that maximise fleet utilisation.

“The flexibility and ease-of-use of Aerogility gives our teams a powerful digital-twin, enabling us to deliver the effective service solutions that our customers demand, with agility and confidence.”

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