Aerogility for defense and OEMs

To be effective, defense forces must be able to get the assets they need into theater and operational as quickly as possible.

Of course, different environments place very different stresses on aircraft. For example, the preparation and support required in one geography may be very different from what’s needed in another.

Aerogility enables today’s airforces and OEMs to plan for any eventuality. We enable them to prepare their aircraft, sustainment operations and personnel for peak operational effectiveness. And we do it at speed.

Accelerate preparation for theater

With Aerogility, military planners can ensure aircraft get into theater with the right support, organized and prepared with high-quality training for real-world scenarios.

Because it can accurately model different environments and capabilities, Aerogility allows planners to predict and prepare for the specific demands aircraft and crews will face. It means they can hit the ground running with an effective sustainment and logistics operation in place from day one.

Ensure availability of aircraft and resilient support

In an Aerogility simulation, intelligent software agents represent aircraft, aircrew, maintenance capabilities, synthetics, everything.

Analysts and planners can adjust different parameters in any what-if scenario gaining rapid clarity over how changes will affect performance in the field. In doing so, you can achieve an optimal balance between utilizing the assets themselves or using synthetics.

Ultimately, it means you can determine what will be needed to achieve and maintain operational effectiveness.

Maximize value for money

Every defense force and OEM must balance operational effectiveness with budgetary responsibility. Tax payers and governmental oversight demand to see value from investments in new aircraft and capabilities.

Whether assessing the lifetime costs of investment in hardware or planning the next generation of aircraft, success demands clarity. Aerogility delivers this clarity.

With Aerogility, you can quickly gain a clear picture of the costs involved in key investment decisions. You can map these across the entire lifespan of an asset. And you can see the implications of any change in specifications immediately.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to optimize costs, manage risks and achieve operational effectiveness.

Experience Aerogility for yourself

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