Meeting the needs of today’s decision-makers

On one level, Aerogility is a cloud-based software solution that uses advanced AI to create an accurate digital twin of your assets and operations. A model that enables you to manipulate different elements to quickly create the optimum outcome for your individual needs.

But what really matters is what it makes possible.

Radically accelerate your planning process

Fleet planning is complex, with many moving parts and dependencies. It’s why traditional planning has typically been a maze of spreadsheets and endless meetings.

Aerogility absorbs this complexity. With your intelligent agents in place, you’ll be able to quickly simulate a wide range of different options.

Aerogility will then automatically create an optimized plan for each, so you can see the opportunities and trade-offs. It means you’ll spend less time wrestling with spreadsheets and planning software and more time focusing on what really matters.

Maximize aircraft availability

Whether you’re in defense or an airline, you must ensure you have aircraft available, when and where you need them.

With Aerogility, you’ll gain a clear picture of all your assets — aircraft, inventory, facilities and skilled resources.

With this perspective, you’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust your plans to optimize availability and minimize costs.

Forecast the future with confidence

Every manager is continually making decisions about the future capabilities they’ll need to meet their objectives. This may be to address changes in how people travel. It may be to ensure combat readiness. It may be to inform new product development.

Aerogility allows you to plan months, years, even decades into the future and adjust key variables to explore an almost infinite number of what-if scenarios.

Make the business case for change

Investments in aviation, whether civil or defense, are never trivial.

Planners must carefully assess the costs, benefits and risks of multiple options. Often, these will result in changes that will have a material impact for many years to come. So it pays to get it right.

With Aerogility, you’ll gain the clearest picture possible of the implications of any change you make. It means you can make more confident decisions, faster.

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